About us

As DELTA GAS GROUP brand we have been operating on the market of fuels and petroleum products since 2015. We are a reliable fuel importer and in 2016 we secured a concession to trade in fuels abroad (OPZ). We cooperate only with professional suppliers, which is why our fuels meet rigorous quality standards. Since the beginning of our activity we have been dealing in wholesale of diesel oil and distribution of other liquid fuels both at home and abroad. Our clients are wholesale and retail distributors at petrol stations, transportation and manufacturing companies that use diesel for internal processes. We own properly equipped fuel base to guarantee that the quality of our products remains unaffected during storage. A specialized laboratory team supervises the whole process with the use of modern technology of monitoring and control of physicochemical properties.

Our sales staff offers professional and prompt service to our customers throughout the country.

Our motto is fairness and quality in services.

We are a reliable partner in trade.


We are immensely proud to support both the best and young up-and-coming contestants. Our ambassador Maciej Pospieszyński in but 5 years won 15 medals during World Championships, including 2 World Champion titles in the top category Unlimited. He is certianly one of the most award-winning aerobatics pilots of the new generation. Who but us - business - can support him and at the same time show Polish sportsmen on the international arena.

Since June 2016 we have also been supporting Paweł Borkowski and his sports dreams. We promote growth of this 23-year-old Ciechanów-born drifter who, with great talent and passion, speeds to his new victories. Our company spares no effort to create appropriate conditions for this rising competitor so that he achieves ever better results.

Head of Sales Department

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    Delta Gas Group Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Solec 63
    00-409 Warszawa
    Tax identification number NIP 7010497075
    Tel/faks 22 628 33 59
    e-mail: biuro@deltagasgroup.pl